Trinitex Trade Co. Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of sewing accessories and materials for garments manufacturing in Belarus.
The main line of the company’s business is wholesale trade.  We offer a wide spectrum of sewing accessories and materials directly from the manufacturers of different countries (China, Russia, Poland and Turkey) and we can satisfy the requirements of wide range of consumers from small fashion atelier and small retailers to large garments manufacturers and wholesale businesses.
Our personnel are permanently analyzing the latest fashion trends and fads and are studying consumers’ interests and requirements. On the results of these analyses we renew and extend the range of the goods we offer.

Lately we have been placing special emphasis on direct cooperation with Chinese factories which manufacture some kinds of materials under our logo TEXTRA.  These are woven and non-woven interlining materials including fusible single and double dot materials and sewing threads (50/2 and 40/2). Our primary concern is the superb quality of these goods that helps us promote the goods with our logo TEXTRA to other countries and regions.
We welcome your ideas of cooperation.

We are always glad to serve you with all our pleasure.

Trinitex trade Co. Ltd
Republic of Belarus
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